Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Insider Ketchup for 22 March 2016

Ancestry Insider KetchupOnce again I have more articles to write than I have time to write them. Time to ketchup.

FamilySearch tree bulletFamilySearch is giving genealogists the opportunity to submit questions to chief genealogical officer, David Rencher. He’s posted several responses on YouTube. They run about two minutes in length.

Bullet Ancestry.comAncestry.com is inviting customers to star in a new Ancestry TV commercial. Make a short cell-phone video of yourself (three minutes or less) telling how you got started with Ancestry.com. Submit it by 4 April 2016. You must be available for filming between 25 April and 13 May. (I hope that doesn’t keep anyone away from attending the NGS Family History Conference, 4-7 May 2016, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida!) Watch a short promotional video on YouTube. For more information, and to submit your video, visit http://www.ancestrycommercial.com/experience.

BulletTreeThe U.S. Government Publication Office has published an interesting little e-book about Chinese and Mexican immigrations. It is titled Unsettled: A Story of U.S. Immigration. It is available free from Apple iBookstore, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Google Play. For instructions on finding the title, visit https://bookstore.gpo.gov/marketplace/47021.

Bullet Ancestry.comI wanted to share with everyone your reports about the status of RootsWeb.

  • Grandma Shirley reported last Wednesday that her Homepages website is back up.
  • William reported last Tuesday that FTP to http://homepages.rootsweb.ancestry.com was back up.
  • William Romanski was able to update his World Connect tree last Tuesday.
  • Mailing lists came back up that same day. LetsTalkGenealogy received a bunch of digests that morning just after 4am, the first he had received since 24 February. Ruth C, administrator for the Kincaid mailing list started receiving administrative notifications. Geolover received a bunch of old messages, which might mean the last RootsWeb tape backup occurred while those messages were being processed.

LanceHall reported that when his pages came back up, they were old copies. You may recall I warned that when everything came back, you could expect to be missing information you’ve added since the last time Ancestry made a backup of the RootsTech server. Does anyone have information on what changes were lost?

Gack! Out of time!

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  1. Regarding Rootsweb, what I've noticed is that when I send email to a mailing list, it does not end up in the email archives. This is rather important to the Obituary Daily Times project. I've notified Rootsweb and the responded that they are still doing audits of the restore and thanked me for the information.


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