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Recognize These Television Celebrities? The Answers Are…

Here are the identities of the genealogists shown last week. Television is abuzz with genealogy television shows. But we are now one year away from the 20th anniversary of one of the first: KBYU’s Ancestors. Here’s some photos of genealogists from that first season. Can you recognize them?

“Census and Military Records” (15 February 1997), 23:33.

”The 1920 census is the one most people encounter first.”

Curt B. Witcher
“Census and Military Records,” 12:56.

“High Tech Help” (9 March 1997), 13:35.

“Internet is the buzzword these days.”
Dick Eastman
“High Tech Help,” 13:43.

“The Paper Trail” (2 February 1997), 0:22.
John Phillip Colletta
“The Paper Trail,” 12:53.

“African American” (23 February 1997), 12:21.
Tony Burroughs
“African American,” 12:05.


Okay, I admit to exaggerating by a little bit. Josh wasn’t quite as young as pictured. He was 12. (Thanks, Josh, for permission to use your photo.)
Josh Taylor
“Nashville” (23 September 2013), Ancestor Roadshow (Public Broadcasting System, 2013), 17:30. Caption added.

Many more genealogists appeared In season two.


“Records at Risk” (4 June 2000), 2:06.
David Rencher
“Records at Risk,” 1:54.

“Cemetery Records” (24 June 2000), 3:51.
Elissa Scalise Powell“Cemetery Records,” 3:41.
“Cemetery Records” (24 June 2000), 21:47
Cyndi Howells
“Cemetery Records,” 21:41.

“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 1:01
Elizabeth Shown Mills
“Census Records,” 0:52

“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 1:27.
Darius Gray
“Census Records,” 1:24.

“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 6:54.
Reggie Washington
“Census Records,” 6:40.

“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 14:21.
Warren Bittner
“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 14:21. Caption added.

“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 1912.
Kathleen W. Hinckley
“Census Records,” 19:16.

“Census Records” (24 June 2000), 20:07.
Tony Burroughs
“Census Records,” 3:30.

“Immigration Records” (9 July 2000), 1:57.
John Philip Colletta
“Immigration Records,” 1:47.

“Immigration Records” (9 July 2000), 15:18.
Loretto "Lue" D. Szucs
“Immigration Records,” 4:22.

“Genealogy and Technology” (11 June 2000), 2:19.
Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak
“Genealogy and Technology,” 1:26.

“Genealogy and Technology” (11 June 2000), 5:24.
Elizabeth Kelley Kerstens
“Genealogy and Technology,” 5:12.

“Genealogy and Technology” (11 June 2000), 8:52.
Alan Mann
“Genealogy and Technology,” 8:45.

My apologies to you who are pictured who don’t like your pictures. While you look fine in motion, it is amazingly difficult to capture a good freeze frame. When we speak we blink a lot or move (causing blurring) or speak with our mouths in odd shapes. Sorry! And no, I don’t want to delete your picture. You look just fine. And yes, John always speaks with his hands and the camera always loves Megan. ;-)

Photo credits: KBYU, Ancestors (1997, 2000); online archive ( : accessed 29 February 2016).

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  1. THIS IS IN THE WRONG place, but I wanted to share it ...

    Is her last name
    Persons or
    Peopples ... grammatical change to the past perfect predicate when she married??? HaHa. (no Image)

    Mary Peopples
    Abt 1850
    of Saratoga, Wilson Co, NC
    29 MAR 1908
    Saratoga, Wilson, North Carolina
    William Wright Price
    1849 - 1913 • K2QN-6PN
    Howell Peopples
    Clara May

    HINT just processed:

    On the record her name is Mary

    Persons in entry for George Franklin Price, "North Carolina Deaths, 1931-1994"


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