Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday Mailbox: AncestryDNA

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxDear Readers,

Because of my bad memory, come Monday morning , I’ve forgotten what I’ve written for the week. I see each article with new ideas. This last week when I received the article “AncestryDNA Caps 3 Million Samples,” I decided that was a really dumb titled. Ancestry wasn’t putting the cap on anything. What I was thinking when I wrote that headline was “What’s a less mundane synonym for surpassed?” Thursday morning I realized caps was not it. I’ve changed it to zips past. I hope, in fact I expect, Ancestry’s database growth will do nothing but accelerate.

---The Insider

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I have the Ancestry app which looks similar to this, but is much better. My match list opens up in the app, and I can review all my matches, including hints, trees, and shared matches. I've had this app for several years. The one you have looks like the AncestryDNA app which is decidedly less robust.

Carolyn in AR

Dear Carolyn,

You are absolutely correct. Thanks for pointing out the greater DNA functionality in the Ancestry App. For more information, see

---The Insider

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  1. I recently had a DNA sample analyzed by and I must say at this point I am very disappointed. Yes, there are a lot of matches, and yes, there were some surprises (still trying to track down where the Italy/Greece comes in), but the findings that grouped Great Britain without breaking down Scotland and Wales is very frustrating. The same with the grouping for Europe West and Europe East. I know there should be French and German in there, but now I have no information. This sure flys in the face of their commercials.


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