Saturday, January 21, 2017

Whether You’re Going to #RootsTech or Not

RootsTech 2017 conference appThe RootsTech App is extremely valuable, whether you’re going to RootsTech 2017 or not. First, download the app (iOS or Android).

 Download the RootsTech App from the Apple App Store  Download the RootsTech app from Google Play

Tap Conference Schedule and star all the classes you would have liked to attend.

Tap Conference Schedule in the RootsTech app.

Tap the download icon.

2017-01-21 06.43.32-2

The app will download the handouts for all the classes you’re starred!

2017-01-21 06.51.06

I view the conference syllabus as one of the values of attending a conference and you just got it for free! If all those awesome classes convinced you to attend, register at the RootsTech website. RootsTech 2017 will be held 8-11 February at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah, just down the street from the FamilySearch Family History Library.

As a plus, if you are attending, you’ve just created your schedule! Tap My Schedule (below, left) to see your classes laid out on a calendar (below, right). If you were interested in more than one class at the same time, both (or in my 4:30 case, below, all three) will show on your calendar. This identifies alternatives should the first choice be full.

Tap My Schedule in the RootsTech app.  Your Schedule in the RootsTech app

Incidentally, you can use the app even if you don’t have an Apple or Android phone. Go to and voilà!


  1. Don't know what others are experiencing. This seems to be the same app that SCGS used for their Jamboree last year which worked nicely. BUT ... For this RootsTech, I could not get online (desktop/browser) version you linked to work. So I finally downloaded the app to an android tablet (too many permissions needed I think) and the app has crashed six times already. It is very slow to respond to commands.

  2. I downloaded the desktop app, it will NOT let me download any class information. I can see the schedule and star the oclasses I am interested in, but no more after that.

  3. I don't even have a phone! Just me and my desk top computers, my old lap top, a hand held scanner and a digital camera. It's been enough for anything I've really wanted to do.
    I can't say I'm looking forward to everybody's blog being all about this conference for 2 months. the preplanning and the after blogs get really tiresome.

  4. I can't finalize my list of classes to attend until I know which ones will be videoed. (If there are two classes at the same time that I want to attend, if one is being videoed, I will stream that one later and go to the other class.) Any word on when that list will be revealed?

  5. If you are attending the conference, be sure to download each class syllabus that you are interested in, they WILL NOT have printers available at the conference to print them off.


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