Monday, July 23, 2007 For Real?

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I came along a Dutch blog post about Is this for real?


Dear G.v.H.L.,

During the Great War I spent a few years in the Dutch resistance, so I could make out most of the post. Here's a basic translation:

The Dutch Ancestry logo and tagline you saw were created by the message author, Bob Coret.

Coret was excited about the introduction of Ancestry's non-English sites in France and Italy so he sent a message to Ancestry's Josh Hanna, Vice President for Ancestry Europe, asking when Ancestry might offer a Dutch site. According to Coret, Hanna was non-committal, but expressed interest.

While would stand in direct competition to Coret's own website, he would still welcome Ancestry into the market. It would open up new records, increase the spending for digitizing records and increase sponsorship of genealogical events.

Coret closes by mentioning a small technical problem awaiting Ancestry's entry into the market: Someone is cybersquatting on the domain name "".

This would not be the first time. Ancestry had to work for some time to acquire the domain from Roberto Fabbri, maker of the Italian fantasy game, "Ancestry."

The Insider

P.S. While the Insider won't admit it, translation credit goes to Babel Fish.
—The Insider Staff

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  1. After reading you blogpost I added an note in English stating that is not (yet?) for real (I wish!), to prevent confusion. I also added a link to your translation (Thanks!).


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