Friday, July 20, 2007

"I'm Going to Disney World!"

"Sorry... promised Jo personally... you understand and all...," quipped the Insider as he disappeared into his office with his autographed advance copy of "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." We're guessing we won't get any genealogy news from Mr. Insider today...

...unless you count what we saw through his windows before he noticed us and slammed the blinds shut. The Insider opened up "the Hallows," logged in with his advance account to new FamilySearch, and entered death dates for...

OK. We couldn't read the names from where we were standing. But we're quite certain he also entered several marriages. He may have even entered some children? (Can you say, "sequel opportunities?")

Orlando Florida Temple. Copyright 2005, Michael Provard
Orlando Florida Temple
Image credit:
© 2005, Michael Provard.

We're not certain how the FamilySearch people feel about fictional characters in their database. That's just one issue of their openly shared global family tree. The Insider wants to see how the new scientific studies of Emergence and Swarm Theory might be applied to make the new FamilySearch successful. For more information, catch this week's broadcast of Nova Science Now and read this month's National Geographic. And watch this space for the Insider's take.

Speaking of new FamilySearch, a member of FHCNET shared the news Wednesday that the Orlando area is getting the new FamilySearch. See the Insider's updated table of the roll out of new FamilySearch.

"New FamilySearch! You just launched in the St. Louis area! Where are you going to go now!?!"

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