Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pedigree Resource File Q and A

Pedigree Resource File (PRF) is a collection of family trees published by FamilySearch. PRF is produced for FamilySearch by Progeny Software Inc. Peggy LeBlanc, the PRF Product Specialist at Progeny recently answered a series of questions posted on the FHCNET ("fish-net") newsgroup on Yahoo. Here is a slightly edited copy.

Q. Our FHC just ordered the whole set of PRF CDs/DVDs. Why would they not stop selling PRF if they are getting ready to put them on the net on New FamilySearch?

A. Accessing PRF data via other programs or is limited to the vital statistics on a person. The notes and sources can sometimes be crucial. I have seen many occasions where the notes are very detailed and sources can be the same.

Q. I have not been able to download a GEDCOM from the PRF files on the Internet, as the choice has been removed. I would love to hear if others are having the same experience or if there is a work around.

A. Pedigree Resource File CDs/DVDs can create GEDCOM files of an entire submission, or ancestors or descendants of the subject. Notes and sources are included.

Q. Will there be more PRF's?

A. Yes.

Q. My PRF submission [is] still showing only 'received' six months later.

A. We are continuing to process data for Pedigree Resource File. Data is processed as quickly as possible and sometimes there are unavoidable technical delays. Also, since DVD 126 released, there are now 5 million persons per disk. Therefore it is naturally going to take longer to fill one. (There used to be one million names per CD ROM disk.)

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