Sunday, July 15, 2007

Do Now? Disneyland AND!?

Peyton Manning 2007 ESPY AwardPeyton Manning! You just won the 2007 "Best Championship Performance" ESPY! What are you going to do now?!
"I'm going to Disneyland...
"Hey! Look! I'm also going to!"
That's right. A careful perusal of the official ESPY gift bag given to participants in the ESPN Sunday night ceremonies earlier this week reveals an eclectic array of items, including a Disneyland Resort pass and an annual world deluxe subscription to! Notice the Ancestry logo on the folder near the bottom left of the photograph below. 2007 ESPY Gift Bag Contains, among other things There was no immediate word from Manning on which he would use first.

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  1. Apparently the Disney/Ancestry co-branding is creeping into product demo videos for the new FTM software where they show Disney's family tree.



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