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Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch

Tables Updated: 23-Nov-2009
Map Updated: 23-Nov-2009

Except for the Orient, all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in all stake and temple districts have access to New FamilySearch (NFS). All temples (again, except for the Orient) can process NFS Family Ordinance Requests, and most will no longer accept TempleReady submissions.

This map shows the NFS roll out within Utah and Idaho—the red zone. There are no more red dotes, indicating temple districts where no stakes have access. There are no more yellow dots, districts where roll outs are occurring. Green dots across the board indicate all districts and all stakes have access. City names are shown, not temple names.

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 23 Nov 2009

Temple Districts With New FamilySearch

This table shows temple districts in Idaho and Utah using NFS and the order in which they were released. In this and subsequent tables, asterisks (*) marked new or recently updated information.

# Temple Stakes Consultants on NFS Temple on NFS Members on NFS
109 Twin Falls Idaho ? 27-Mar-2009 14-Apr-2009 14-Apr-2009
110 Monticello Utah ? 3-Mar-2009 12-Apr-2009 12-Apr-2009
111 Rexburg Idaho ? Before 10-Apr-2009 5-May-2009 5-May-2009
112 Manti Utah 26 3-Apr-2009 12-May-2009 12-May-2009
113 Vernal Utah 12 11-Mar-2009 23-Mar-2009 12-May-2009
114 Logan Utah 43 8-May-2009 2-Jun-2009 2-Jun-2009 (5)
8-Jun-2009 (10)
15-Jun-2009 (7)
22-Jun-2009 (7)
29-Jun-2009 (14)
115 Boise Idaho 29 19-May-2009 23-Jun-2009 20-Jul-2009 (29)
116 St. George Utah 44 8-May-2009 23-Jun-2009 31-Aug-2009 (29)
7-Sep-2009 (15)
117 Idaho Falls 45 18-Jun-2009 28-Jul-2009 7-Sep-2009 (15)
14-Sep-2009 (30)
118 Provo 74 25-Jun-2009 28-Jul-2009 14-Sep-2009 (10)
21-Sep-2009 (39)
28-Sep-2009 (25)
119 Ogden 75 11-Jun-2009 30-Jun-2009 28-Sep-2009 (16)
5-Oct-2009 (28)
12-Oct-2009 (31)
120 Mt. Timpanogos 62 6-Sep-2007 (1)
26-May-2009 (61)
8-Jun-2009 6-Sep-2007 (1)
5-Oct-2009 (15)
12-Oct-2009 (15)
19-Oct-2009 (31)
121 Bountiful 32 4-Jun-2009 16-Jun-2009 19-Oct-2009 (11)
26-Oct-2009 (21)
122 Draper 25 18-Jun-2009 14-Jul-2009 26-Oct-2009 (20)
2-Nov-2009 (5)
123 Jordan River 65 25-Jun-2009 21-Jul-2009 2-Nov-2009 (35)
9-Nov-2009 (30)
124 Oquirrh Mt. 26 25-Jun-2009 25-Aug-2009 9-Nov-2009 (15)
16-Nov-2009 (11)
125 Salt Lake 71 4-Jun-2009 15-Jun-2009 16-Nov-2009 (30)
23-Nov-2009 (41)

Numbers in parentheses refer to the number of stakes.
† Highland Utah Stake

Temple Districts Not Using New FamilySearch

Not much information is known about the release of New FamilySearch to temples in the Orient.

# Temple Stakes Consultants on NFS Temple on NFS Members on NFS

Fukuoka Japan

Hong Kong China

Seoul Korea

Taipei Taiwan

Tokyo Japan

Numbers in parentheses refer to the number of stakes.
* Recently updated

Other NFS Related web pages

  • See "A History of the NFS Rollout B.R.Z. [Before the Red Zone]" for a table documenting the rollout of NFS before Idaho and Utah.
  • To be notified of the NFS rollout in your stake, family history consults and priesthood leaders should register today at .
  • To see what it looks like, read the "You're Going Live" Message, the final notification received before a temple begins using NFS.
  • See the temple list on the Church's website
  • See the official list of temple districts using NFS. If logged into NFS, search for knowledge-base document 102463.
  • See the official Idaho/Utah rollout website and news page.
  • A premature announcement was sent to leaders in the Idaho Falls Temple District. The Family History Department subsequently notified leaders that the announcement was inadvertent.

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  1. San Diego temple district has neen told to prepare to convert to nFS the week after Thanksgiving.

  2. That's great news, Gary. Keep us informed.

    -- The Insider

  3. The Family History Directors in the Nashville Temple district are now allowed to access and use NFS. We were told to prepare ourselves to train the rest of our staff. I assumbe this means we will be rolled out shortly.

  4. Dear rcollester3,

    No, unfortunately, the FHC directors in all US/Canada FHCs got the same letter. You're a phase 3 temple district, so I'm guessing you'll have to wait until the spring of 2008.

    - The Ancestry Insider

  5. I was just at the Spokane Temple and was told that they just received word that they will get it "The first of the year." I asked "January 1st?" and he said "That's what it sounds like, but there have been delays."


  6. Dear DMV,

    Thanks for the update.

    -- The Insider

  7. Family history consultants in the Manhattan temple district recieved word today to prepare for rollout "in about 4 months."

    Richard Monk
    Wilton, CT

  8. Thanks for the info, Richard. I'll update this article with the information.

    -- The Insider

  9. FYI: Raleigh Temple district began receiving official notice of a 4-month rollout on Dec 20th, but the memo was dated Dec 4th. Not sure which date to start the countdown on, but am hoping it will be the earlier. ;)

  10. I was at the Palmyra Temple this past week. They said NFS should be there by summer. 1 person said they heard this June or July.

  11. Just received the go-live message for Manhattan Temple District. The go-live date is today, May 6, 2008.


  12. CORRECTION- I just received another email correcting the go-live date for Manhattan. It is now 20 May 2008.

    Wilton, CT

  13. James and Richard,

    Thanks for the info.

    -- A.I.

  14. The map hasn't been displaying for several days. The problem occurs with both IE and FireFox and on different computers. Anyone else having this problem?

  15. It would be helpful if you could number the announced temples like you have those that have gone live. I like to get a number and it is hard to count when you have to scroll down to see them all. Thank you for keeping us updated on this roll out.

  16. Dear Allen F,

    I can successful see the maps at two different locations.

    If all the computers that won't show the map are located at the same place, it could be a problem with an anti-pornography filter. Because the map is hosted on a photograph hosting site, it is hard for some filters to decide what accounts or photographs are safe to show.

    Try computers at a different place, such as a friend, a FHC or a public library.

    -- The Ancestry Insider

  17. Dear Anonymous Number Lover,

    Thanks. And thanks for the suggestion. That's a good idea. So far I've not done so for three reasons:

    1. Additions to the list of temples that are using NFS occur at the end, making numbering easy. Additions and removals to the list of temples that have been notified are random, making numbering a pain. (I should experiment with some HTML that would automatically do the numbering. Let me think that over.)

    2. The list of temples using NFS is released by the Church and is definate and concrete. The list of temples that have been notified is compiled from consultants in each district and is subject to error. Consequently, the number is somewhat meaningless.

    3. I'm lazy. Well, actually, I just have limited time.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

    -- The Ancestry Insider

  18. Portland is now open - a few days ahead of schedule. Woo Hoo! - finally.

  19. Just a thought...I'm in the Boise temple district that just got rolled out a couple weeks ago. I was anxious to start looking at the new program, so I went online today to see what it's all about.

    It took me an HOUR to finally find the link to the new family search page because it was not listed on the or (that I saw) and when anyone discussed it in church, they just said Templeready Online. I even Googled Templeready online and that's how I found your blog.

    The only way I found the new family search site was by going back to a December 2008 blog post HERE. So, thank you. Maybe I completely missed a link or something on the other sites, but it would be GREAT if you would provide the link to the new Family Search website on your blog. It may help a few of us who are just at the beginning :). Thanks so much.

  20. Salt Lake seems to be in a transition period. The downtown FHL won't process temple names on USB/disk anymore.

  21. Live...from's new FamilySearch!

    Finally it's here! Well almost, on September 21st the remaining 42 stakes will come on board.

  22. Still not available for my stake in the Oquirrh Mountain Temple district. If you go the FH Library downtown they will sign you into NFS but they have to sit with you while you work.

    The program is revolutionary. It will be a great tool in this work. It's like moving from a shovel to a front-end loader.


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