Monday, July 16, 2007

1st Look: FamilySearch Record Search

June 19th, FamilySearch Labs quietly announced Record Search, the product that will make it possible to access microfilm from the organization's Granite Mountain Vault, and to search the indexes produced by FamilySearch Indexing.

Sample's of how the product might look were posted as well, allowing us to give you a look at this momentous new product. Keep in mind, however, that this is a "pilot" program--not even ready for beta testing. Anything is subject to change.

The first image, below, shows a current incarnation of the Home Page. (Click each image to see a larger view.) Some collections can be searched, some can be browsed, and some allow both.Record Search Home Page

Record Search Home Page
The second image shows the results of a search for William Jones, 1900 - 1990 in Colorado. From this page, you can narrow your search by place, date, collection, gender, name, record type, or rank. You can click on a name to see more information about that result. Record Search List of Search Results
Record Search List of Search Results
If you were to click on the first result in the list, you would see this page, below. Record Search Search Result
Record Search Search Result
More information about Record Search is available in a post on DearMYRTLE.

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