Thursday, August 21, 2008

Job change backwash

Trouble in River City

Seven Peaks Water Park by sudweeksFrankly, I thought I could go with the flow. Slide by. But in hindsight it seems I was all wet.

My job change had caused a situation and now I was in hot water.

A couple of days ago FamilySearch sent out a notice for their Summer family activity. For years my kids have loved the annual Summer party at the local water park. 500,000 gallon wave pool. "Lazy River." Sixteen water slides. GIANT half-pipe (where I learned I can still scream like a young girl). The largest water park in the state.

I made the mistake of forwarding the FamilySearch Summer Party announcement to the kids.

We are pleased to announce a Family History Department family event coming up on ... We have received special permission to open up the Family History Library that evening for this event. ... This will be a wonderful opportunity to connect your family to the important work of the department, including the exciting things happening with new FamilySearch, Record Search, Indexing, and the Wiki.

Keep in mind, I'm new. For all I know, FamilySearch had rented Disneyland and flown everyone down earlier in the summer. ("Yay! You got NFS out to the first 50 temples ahead of schedule! What are you going to do now?!")

Still, what could I have possibly been thinking when I forwarded the announcement to 3 kids who refuse to go to the state capital to see an original first printing Declaration of Independence because it doesn't have a treasure map on the back? These are the same children whose top attraction in Washington, D. C. was the hotel pool.

"Wow, Dad!" The sarcasm had started. "Special permission to open the library?! I hope there'll be classes on watching paint dry!" When it comes to museums and libraries, my kids are fish out of water.

"Ooh! When did you start doing exciting things?!" I was in way over my head.

Anybody out there want to accompany me to the FamilySearch activity, proxy for my children? Drop by and let me know. You'll find me floating asleep on a double tube, baseball cap over my face, the 3 most wonderful fish in all the world frolicking happily about me.

Water under the bridge, baby. Water under the bridge.

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  1. Honey, If I didn't have to fly out, I would GLADLY pretend to be your oversized teenager for a weekend. I would roll my eyes at you while I looked at microfilm, sigh at you while sitting through the Record Search lecture and pretend to ignore you while seeing the Wiki demonstrated. Teenagers, can't live with 'em, not allowed to leave them on the side of the road. LOL


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