Thursday, August 14, 2008

NFS Rollout News for Olympic 12-Aug-2008

Having passed the opening of the Olympics on 08/08/08 since our last map update, it is only fitting that 8 temples have gone "gold" and I've updated or added release dates for 8 temples.

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 12-Aug-2008

North America

North of the Rio Grande, Nauvoo took the Gold. Poor Nauvoo, the original rollout plan had them as one of the first four. Palmyra, another location prominent in Church history, is also rolling out this month. (BTW, I saw both pageants during my vacation last month.) South Carolina and Edmonton are the other two north-of-the-Rio temples known to be rolling this month, followed by Kentucky on 9 Sep 2008 and Spokane on 30 Sep 2008.

Since the rollout has often taken hiatus for U.S. holidays before, it makes me wonder if Labor Day's 2 Sep 2008 will also have no rollouts.

South of the Rio, Tuxtla Gutiérrez and Mérida Yucatan earned Gold Medals for México as well as newly dedicated Panamá City Panamá. Tampico México is known to be going live this month, leaving México City as México's sole non-NFS temple. Santo Domingo on the island nation of the Dominican Republic is favored to take a Gold this month.

Polynesia and South America

Here's the results for other island nations in the competition. Tahiti took a Gold and Fiji, the Crossroads of Polynesia, is expected to bring home a medal before the end of the month. That leaves the Friendly Island of Tonga and New Zealand, Land of the Long White Cloud. (No, I didn't see the PCC last month on my vacation.)

Uruguay was the only South American country to bring home a Gold since the last map update. So far, Bolivia and Ecuador are underdogs; no rollout information has been heard about them. (While Lima is not shown in green on the map, it should be. I'll try to remember to fix that next time.)

Africa and Europe

Africa remains stalled waiting on Nigeria.

Netherlands and Sweden brought home the gold in Europe, completing the continent! Actually, I've said before that I won't consider Europe done until London goes Gold on 16 Sept 2008 and Preston goes Gold on... Well, I've actually never heard a date for Preston. I think both were notified at the same time, so both may go Gold at the same time.

The Orient

The last word we had on the orient was unofficial word that Hong Kong would probably not make it in 2008. I can only guess that if one non-Roman language is delayed, all non-Roman languages are delayed. On the other hand, maybe the delay is such that some will happen this year and some next. I've heard no public pronouncement.

I wasn't able to make it to the BYU conference this past month, so I don't know if anyone from FamilySearch said anything publicly about the organization's goals. That's always been a good source of information in the past. Did any of you attend and hear anything stated publicly? At the March BYU conference earlier this year, at least one FamilySearch presenter mentioned that the department goal was still to finish the rollout this year. Which brings me to...

Idaho and Utah

And, yes, don't forget Las Vegas.

What temples will FamilySearch get done before the end of the year? Will any Idaho, Utah or Las Vegas temples make it? We should know soon. We're only about 140 days away from the end of the year. Of late, districts have been getting their transition announcements 120 days in advance. Historically, we've seen 90 days as the standard, but Billings got just 2 weeks. When the announcement comes for one of these temples, hundreds (thousands?) of family history consultants will get access.

These are the temples I've long surmised to be on hold until the IOUS issue was resolved, so you can't hardly give notice for one of them until the issue is resolved. FamilySearch has made it known that they are doing regular updates to New FamilySearch (NFS). It has been reported on the Internet that the updates come quarterly, midway through each calendar quarter. Thus, we saw updates occur about 15 Nov 2007, 15 Feb 2008 and 15 May 2008. Mind you, they didn't seem to occur exactly on the 15th. Still, according to this schedule, resolution of the IOUS issue could only occur at about two points in the remainder of this year: 15 Aug 2008 and 15 Nov 2008. The latter is well into the holiday season when it would be difficult to do any training or other rollout activities. If they get it fixed for this month's release, I think they can finish off all the temples (sans Orient) this year.

We should know in the next couple of weeks—maybe even the next couple of days. Do I know something you don't? Nope. I'm in the dark on this also. I'm on pins and needles, folks! This is 2008 do or die!! Let me know the moment you get your notice!!!

As always, I'm at

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  1. Pardon my ignorance, but I do not understand why some gold dots flash gold and some other dots flash red. And why are they flashing anyway?

    I clicked on them but they don't do anything more than flash.

    And, BTW, Columbia River Temple is supposed to go live shortly after Sep 1st. I have asked the question, too, about going live Sep 2nd, which is right after Labor Day or if they will observe the holiday and go live Sep 9th. I have gotten varying answers.

    I do know that we are no longer supposed to help people create TR disks after Sep 1st.

  2. Dear Columbia,

    Flashing dots indicate that new information is known about that temple. If the color changes, then the new information included a color change either from yellow to green or from red to yellow or directly to green.

    Thanks for the info!

    -- The Insider

  3. The LDS Church News section of the Deseret News in Salt Lake recently said that the Mexico City Temple had been undergoing extensive work and due to that work it will be rededicated late this year, I think the announcement said November. So it is likely that Mexico City will be going live then, if they haven't gone already due to the time the temple has been offline.

  4. My relatives in GA told me this week Atlanta has 9 Sep as a date to go live too.

  5. Our Bishop was notified that our Denver Temple will be live with New Family Search on Sept. 16.

  6. Could you throw me a bone or put in a word? I was a beta tester for NFS and have since moves to "Home Base" (SLC) is there any good new for us who labor in Zion?


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