Friday, June 12, 2009

More FamilySearch and bloggers

Last time I told you about a couple of blogs by FamilySearch employees. Today, I’ve got a couple of employee spouse blogs. I was also going to share another FamilySearch employee blog, but decided the author revealed too much personal information. Young people these days. They share so much. Maybe I’m just old, but sharing so much personal information is just not my cup of tea.

All Things Kendall and Carolina

On the All Things Kendall and Carolina blog, Carolina identifies herself as "being married to an employee of The Generations Network (aka, aka" That would leave Kendall as the employee.

Kendall, I was thinking it was weird that your wife submitted a mitochondrial test on her father rather than doing it on herself. Duh! Am I stupid. Not stupid enough to submit mitochondrial tests on both myself and my mother, but stupid enough to not realize the two additional ancestral lines that can be tested by doing a mitochondrial test on my father and a Y chromosome test on a maternal uncle. Thank Carolina for me.

A Spot of Sun

I wrote about this blog post before, but somehow the article has disappeared. So here’s my previous article:

Another spouse identified herself shortly after a The Generations Network Christmas party several years ago. You have to read Brooke's account of TGN's holiday party to get the full flavor of her gracious, charming personality. Here's just a short quote.

All night long the snow fell outside the windows while we partied. It made for the perfect holiday atmosphere. But the real treat was the "surprise" Christmas gift from Matt—a night at the resort sans kids...

This is just one happy view on our drive home
This is just one happy view on our drive home.

It is hard to explain the happiness of the day. It just felt so perfect and happy. By far my best Christmas present!

Unless you own a dictionary of Mormon jargon, you'll want to stop before you get into her church party and words like stake, ward, primary, sunbeam, LDS and testimony.

But you don't want to miss the link to her Colorful Utah website and the exquisite photographs there.

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