Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Translate This Page

After I pointed out Lynn Turner’s Hispanic Genealogy blog recently, I received this e-mail from a reader:

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I enjoy learning about new blogs that might help me. I have grandchildren that have ancestors from Spain through Mexico and to the U.S. and some of their relatives would also like me to help them find more info.

I tried the translate this page feature and although it's not 100% correct, it's good enough to read and I'll try it for a while. You never know where you may find help.


Dear Anne,

What a marvelous idea! Many of us find ourselves increasingly helping others doing Hispanic research. Using one of the many translation tools available for Internet pages is a quick and easy way to unlock Spanish research information to English readers.


-- The Ancestry Insider

Google’s Translate Page

If you have the Google toolbar, then even without the Translate button, you can easily translate a page using the steps illustrated below. Right click on the page. Click on Page Info, and then click Translate Page into English.

With the Google toolbar installed, translate a page by right clicking, then Page Info, then Translate Page

This is one of many reasons to use the Google Toolbar. Highly recommended.

The Power of Standards

P.S. Gosh I love the Internet! This is one of many, many examples illustrating the principles espoused by keynote speaker, Phil Windley, at the last FamilySearch Developers Conference. The power of adherence to standards (in this case, HTML) has lead to a serendipitous application (in this case, page translation).

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  1. Dear Anne,

    Your so-so translation of my blog may be a result of my so-so Spanish :)
    If you ever have a question on Hispanic research send me an email (click on my blogger profile and you'll find my email - I'll avoid posting it here so I can avoid phishers/spammers from web crawlers).



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