Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NFS Rollout News: And Then There Were Two

Yesterday’s New FamilySearch (NFS) rollout news was so riddled with problems, I finally scrapped it. Today, we try again. Apparently, not all the rumors circulating right now are sanctioned. I don’t know if that means the information is incorrect, or just not yet officially announced. I’m still waiting on clarification from FamilySearch.

To keep track of the varying stages of rollout in the different temple districts, and the various flavors of rollout, I’ve created a new table format. For the remaining temple districts in the red zone, here’s my new table. When I can, I’ll get this copied to my regular page, “Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch.” I’ve added lots of question marks to reflect current uncertainties.

Temple Stakes Process
Temple on NFS Consultants on NFS Members on NFS
Boise 29 Yes 22-Jun-2009 19-May-2009 Read-only ?
Bountiful 32 Yes 16-Jun-2009 4-Jun-2009 Read-only
Draper 25 No * 14-Jul-2009 18-Jun-2009 ?
Idaho Falls 45 Yes By end of July 18-Jun-2009 ?
Jordan River 87 Yes ? No ?
Logan 43 Yes 2-Jun-2009 8-May-2009 (All) 02-Jun-2009 (5)
08-Jun-2009 (10)
15-Jun-2009 (7)
22-Jun-2009 (7)
Total (29 stakes)
Read-only? (14)
Mt. Timpanogos 61 Yes 8-Jun-2009 26-May-2009 (60)
6-Sep-2007 (1)
Read-only (60)
6-Sep-2007 (1)
Ogden 76 Yes ? 11-Jun-2009 Read-only ?
Oquirrh Mt.   Under construction    
Provo 74 Yes 7-Jul-2009 ? No ?
Salt Lake 71 Yes 15-Jun-2009 4-Jun-2009 Read-only
St. George 44 Yes 23-Jun-2009 8-May-2009 Read-only ?

Numbers in parentheses refer to the number of stakes.
* Recently updated
† Highland Utah Stake

That leaves just two temple, the Provo temple and the Jordan River temple, that have not yet entered the transition to NFS. And only one temple, Draper, can’t process Family Ordinance Requests (FORs). I’ve updated my map to reflect the current situation, with just two red dots left.

New FamilySearch Rollout Map for 23 Jun 2009

When I can, I’ll get this updated at “Temple Districts Using New FamilySearch.” Do I have the dates correct for your temple starting to use NFS internally? What about consultants in Jordan River and Provo? Can you register in NFS? Full-access or read-only? Let me know. Keep everyone informed by sending your news to .


  1. I have registered previously as a consultant in the Jordan River district and have had full access to NFS for about a week now. No official word has been passed along but I went ahead and tried to register and, frankly, was surprised I was allowed access.

  2. I am a consultant in the Jordan River temple district and just received an invitation to begin using New FamilySearch this morning. The email invites all consultants in the Jordan River Utah temple district to begin using NFS.


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