Monday, August 9, 2010 Acquires Genealogy Research Firm announced another acquisition Friday. is acquiring ProGenealogists, Inc. in a move that it describes as “extending the reach across the genealogy value chain.”

Natalie Cottrill speaks with Sarah Jessica Parker on an episode of Who Do You Think You Are ProGenealogists has been in business for 15 years old. The company has built a consortium of associates, professional genealogists, who provide genealogical research to individual clients and other organizations. engaged ProGenealogists to research celebrity genealogies for the NBC television program, “Who Do You Think You Are?” Company president, Natalie Cottrill, appeared in the Sarah Jessica Parker episode.

WDYTYA is returning to TV on Friday, 13 August 2010, albeit with reruns. But I digress…

Expert Connect website features boys milking cows People have already started to speculate what this announcement means for the Expert Connect service. Some wonder if Expert Connect will be taken over by ProGenealogists or if it will be cancelled outright.

According to a quick glance at the Expert Connect website, the service hooks users up with trained experts that can provide custom research, answer questions, lookup records, translate records, take cemetery photos, and milk cows.

[Spoken to person offstage:] What? No milking?

Sorry folks. I’ve just been informed that the experts do not milk cows. I’m not quite certain which service the cow photo is illustrating.

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