Monday, August 16, 2010

Mailbag Monday: FamilySearch History Book Count

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I just have a question. The BYU family History books site used to have about 60,000 books digitized and searchable online. Now it has just 17,000. Were they removed or just moved to another web site? Was it a copyright problem?

-- Anonymous

Dear Anonymous,

I looked into this and found out that BYU ran out of server space. According to a spokesperson, they temporarily removed a large number of note card records of Philippine immigrant workers in Hawaii. Each card appeared as a separate book. The huge number of cards made it appear as though there were more books than were actually present. On a positive note, book scanning has continued despite the inability to put them online. Once the space issue is resolved, the backlog will all come online.


-- The Insider

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