Friday, August 13, 2010

FamilySearch Indexing Tips

FamilySearch Indexing Several years ago the Ancestry Insider published a series of tips for FamilySearch Indexers. Here is a list, to make it easier to check out the entire series. Improvements in the indexing program outdate some of the illustrations, but the concepts are still relevant.

Lookup List 13 September 2007
Birth Year Quiz 19 September 2007
Birth Year Quiz Answer 27 September 2007
Keyboard Shortcuts 4 October 2007
Adjusting Highlights 24 May 2008
Hiding Columns 1 June 2008
Handwriting Help 5 June 2008
Account for all the bumps 12 June 2008
Open E 20 June 2008
1900's American Handwriting 14 July 2008
Handwriting: the Palmer Method 15 July 2008
The Palmer Method in New York City 17 July 2008


Sorry if some of the links in these articles lead to pages that no longer exist. If you have the inclination, leave a comment indicating the links that don’t work and the URL that should replace the old link.


  1. It seems strange that you would think links to your own blog were no longer valid. Nevertheless, I checked them all and they are all fine. What exactly did you have in mind by that last request for someone to check the links?

  2. Dear John,

    That was confusing. It took me a minute to remember what I meant when I wrote that. I've corrected it to read, "Sorry if some of the links in these articles lead to pages that no longer exist."

    Thanks for noticing the problem,
    -- The Insider


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