Thursday, August 26, 2010

Finding Previous Articles

Ever want to find a previous article on the Insider’s website? My website, like so many other blogs, provides three ways to find old articles.

1. Search

Type search words in the box at the upper left corner of the page.


Of course, Google can be used. The Ancestry Insider provides a handy, integrated Google search. Look for it in the right sidebar, part way down the page.


Some of you may not know it, but you can also search within an article (or any part of a web page) using the Find feature of most browsers. Press Ctrl-F, type in your search words, and press Enter. You may then be able to click Previous/Next to find additional occurrences.

2. Index

An index is available, also part way down the page, in the right sidebar.


3. Table of Contents

contentsClick a triangle to see its sub-items. Click again to hide them. Click an article to display it. Click a year or month to display all its articles.


Use these methods and you’ll always be able to find that interesting article from the Insider’s past.

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