Monday, September 26, 2011 Planning New and Expanded Health Offering

imageThe Insider has learned from an undisclosed source that is planning to rebrand and expand its DNA offerings into genetics and health. The service may be called AncestryHealth or AncestryDNA.

The service will continue to provide DNA testing services and will likely expand scientific analyses and informational reports based on the results. As reported by Dick Eastman, is “mounting a major effort to use genomics to shed light on human diversity, origins and relatedness.”

The service will continue to provide family group websites and may host a website for others to access and share information and data in the fields of historical data and information, genealogy and family history.

The new offering may add significant educational resources such as articles, journals, newsletters, and guides in the field of genetic and family history. might also sponsor classes, workshops, and educational conferences.

My source had no information on the timing or eventuality of this new service. Stay tuned…

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