Monday, May 7, 2012

1940 Census Status Update for 6 May 2012 1940 Census status mapI haven’t been watching the Find My Past horse. I’m not certain why; they are a 1940 U.S. Census Community Project member. The map on (shown to the right) shows that they are almost complete in their posting of census images and they have posted the same three indexes as other Project members (Delaware, Colorado, Kansas).

It appears that the Project members publish indexes more or less simultaneously, so I will report on the group via the progress of There are basically four indexes under development:

The IIMI RootsPoint index is interesting. You’ll recall from my earlier mention that IIMI is an offshore keying vendor. If you are Ancestry or MyHeritage and you are paying an offshore company to key the Census for you, IIMI is one of your choices. If either of them are using IIMI, then there are three, not four, indexes under production.

This weekend I saw another thing for the first time. Indiana dropped from 100% to 19%! A few point drop is expected. (See “When a State is 100% Indexed, Why Would that Number Reverse?”) Indeed, Indiana dropped below 100% once already. I guess we’ll see today (Monday) if that was for real.

In addition to Indiana, several states have performed their pre-publication bounce below and back to 100%. These I deem close to publication: Oregon, Virginia

The states hitting 100% for the first time last week are Arizona, Florida, Idaho, and Vermont.

This past week the 1940 project passed some big milestones (not to be confused with kidney stones). The project passed 25% completion. It may pass the 1/3rd mark before my next update. It also passed one million images indexed.

My hat’s off to the wonderful volunteers giving this legacy to the world. (Volunteer yourself at

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  1. I just laughed so hard at the kidney stones remark!

    Indiana's drop is explained by this post on the FSI facebook page:
    "Indiana not complete for 1940 Census:

    When we started the Indiana—1940 US Census indexing project, not all of the images and batches were included. We’ve now made all of them available, so Indiana appears on the Download Batch list again in the indexing program. The percentage complete has changed to 18%, instead of 100%. We’re very sorry for the confusion, but we hope all those indexers and arbitrators interested in Indiana will band together to increase that percentage again."


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