Tuesday, March 25, 2014

#RootsTech 2014 Sessions Online, 2015 Free Passes

The Ancestry Insider is an official RootsTech 2014 bloggerI think I’m done with my RootsTech coverage. It’s only taken me a month. Oh well.

Now that RootsTech is over, you can view videos of some of the popular classes online. Classes are available from both 2014 and 2013.

RootsTech has also announced a contest to give away five all-access passes to RootsTech 2015. To be entered in the contest, go to Familystorytelling.com and find an article you enjoy or a project that you plan to do this year. Share the link on any social media site with the hashtags #RootsTech and #FamilyStorytelling. You'll be automatically entered into the contest and five winners will randomly be drawn.

My experience is that not a lot of people enter these types of conferences, so your chances of winning are pretty good. So far, there are only four entries via Twitter.

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