Monday, March 31, 2014

Monday Mailbox: Satellite #RootsTech Locations

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxIn “#RootsTech FamilySearch Blogger Dinner Report” I reported that FamilySearch was planning on having satellite sites utilize recordings of RootsTech sessions in local family history conferences.

Dear Ancestry Insider,

You said: "They have 622 locations signed up across the world, covering ten languages." Where are those locations? Is there a list of them somewhere? I looked at the RootsTech site and can't find them listed. I googled "roots tech Satellite locations" and still don't get a list. Thanks for more information.

Claire Bettag

Dear Claire,

What is it about and hiding things on their websites?

I could not find anything on either or I did, however, find a page on that might help. ( is the website of FamilySearch’s sponsor, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.)

There is a page titled “Host a 2014 Stake Family History Fair” that states, “The classes, training and workshops are provided to the stakes from RootsTech.” (Stakes are ecclesiastical units of the Church composed of about a dozen congregations.) It links through a page titled “Family History Day” to a page titled “Find a Fair” at Go to that page and enter your address. The webpage will show the five closest fairs to your location. (See below for an example.) I’m guessing the number of sites has grown beyond 622.

I would call and ask if and which of the RootsTech sessions they will present and if the fair is open to the general public.

All of the RootsTech sessions they will present are posted on If you’re not interested in attending the local classes taught at the fair, you may find it easier to watch the RootsTech sessions online.

The Ancestry Insider



  1. I am chairing a Family History Fair in Naperville, IL on April 26, 2014. As a Roots Tech satellite, we have many more programs available to present than those view able online. Of the 10 presentations being shown at our family history fair, only 2 of them are available online.

  2. Just Google Roots Tech 2014 videos, and there they are!


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