Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Mailbox: Family Tree Manual is No More

The Ancestry Insider's Monday Mailbox

Dear Ancestry Insider,

Is there any chance that FamilySearch will return the Tree manual to Help if lots of us complain?  I don’t want to watch a video when I just need to look something up.

Lucy Whitehead

Dear Lucy,

Interesting. I hadn’t noticed the manual was gone. However, last I’d looked, it was quite out of date.

I’ll try and find out if a new one is in the works.

---The Ancestry Insider


  1. I hope so - I hate having to watch a video to get information that could have been written in two sentences. So inefficient.

  2. Videos are also non-searchable. Outlines of content are not provided. And many system users cannot view them due to slow internet connections.

    I believe the FS Powers that Be have decided to put a lot of the FT material into the well-hidden and difficult to use query system that has mostly replaced the Knowledge Document system for which there was no accessible table of contents. The query system results are largely lists of links which, if used, take one away from the main page. This system needs to be broadly revamped to have text right there on the page and arranged in sensible contents outlines instead of more or less randomly accessed by searches.


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