Monday, November 9, 2015

Monday Mailbox: SSDI

The Ancestry Insider's Monday MailboxDear Ancestry Insider,

Wondering if you have any information on when the SSDI might be updated. It’s almost a year behind, and that’s creating many problem.


Dear Unknown,

I hate to be the bearer of bad news. So, I’ll let Judy Russell do it. See “SSDI access now limited” and her blog.

Bottom line: The SSDI will continue to fall further and further behind until the first quarter of 2017, when it will be three years and up to three months behind. It will then plateau and we will start to see updates, but it will always stay that far behind. Then at some future point our beloved congress will take it completely away from us.

The Ancestry Insider


  1. Major bummer. Can anything be done about this?

    1. hat's that about?
      Write your Congressman and Senators and tell them why it is valuable to us.

  2. When Congress first did this, did they find people who recently died had their SS # used by a crook? In the old days, the criminal would go after a baby who died 50 years ago or something like that.


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