Friday, November 27, 2015

AncestryDNA Lowest Price Ever is offering AncestryDNA for only $69 from now until the end of day (EST), 30 November 2015. The promotional e-mail reads:

Only $69

The best sale of the year and the lowest price ever for the most popular DNA test on the market

Have you wanted to incorporate DNA testing into your genealogy and family history research?  There has never been a better time to do so, especially this weekend!

AncestryDNA just announced its best sale EVER! For just $69 (the normal price is $99), you get the most popular DNA test on the market. The sale is going on right now and expires on Monday, November 30 at 11:59 p.m. EST. Click here to start saving!

AncestryDNA Canada Sale

The sale above is good only for US residents. For our Canadian readers, Ancestry DNA Canada is having a sale where you can save 30%. The DNA test is now only $119 CDN through Monday November 30th. Click here for AncestryDNA Canada sale info!


  1. It has been sold for $49 in the past the last time was 2014 though...I miss those days!!

  2. Some 20 years ago, a study was made with placentas from about 150 women of varied ancestries. The results gave very definite results as to the variety of ancestries discovered, going all the way back to Africa. Why does Ancestry have to give such fuzzy summations of their results? Why not just say that "this is how our results stack up against the research done 20 years ago"?

    1. Ancestry only does autosomal testing; the combination of your parents' DNA. From them you receive half from your father and half from your mother. So, you have one fourth of your grandparents' DNA, one eighth of great grandparents and son one until the amount is so too small to be of any use. Autosomal can only trace 5-6 generations with any accuracy.

      Mitochondrial DNA comes only from the mother; Y-DNA only from the father. They are stable enough to test back to Africa. Those tests are expensive and only available through one testing company; Family Tree DNA.

      Our family has had the ancestry autosomal and the FTDNA Y-DNA testing done.

  3. I ordered two more - one for my Dad to help identify and confirm his so-called Cherokee and Osage ancestry and one for my Grandmother who may help since her DNA can go back further than anyone in our family at this time. And, we will get both her mother's ancestry and her father's, which we are unable to do since all of her brothers are all passed on (to get a direct line test on the male line). I am excited what the results will bring. Next sale, I am going to purchase one for my boyfriend and my mother. Our family is going to be well linked on :)


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