Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Indexing Sunday

Catch the vision: Super Indexing SundayRemember that today is Super Indexing Sunday! Join the rest of the genealogical community as we shatter the single day indexing record.

Top Ten Suggestions for Super Indexing Sunday:

10. Set your own indexing goal for the day.

9. Challenge your friends to an indexing bowl. Most names wins.

8. Host an indexing party.

7. Get comfy on the couch with eats and a laptop. TV optional.

6. Once your team is behind by 30, concentrate more on indexing than losing .

5. Index two names between each play and ten during each penalty.

4. Watch the game; index during the commercials.

3. Better yet, watch the commercials; index during the game.

2. Spike your mouse and do a victory dance after each batch.

1. If you break your own single day indexing record, dump Gatorade on your spouse.

It’s easy to get started.

  1. Go to . Or go to and click on Indexing.
  2. Then click on Get Started.

If you feel more comfortable indexing for,

  1. Click on Collaborate.
  2. In the World Archives Project section, click on Get started now.

To learn more about Super Indexing Sunday:

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