Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jay Verkler Opens RootsTech Conference

Jay Verkler speaks at the opening keynote of the new RootsTech Conference  “Why would we have a technology conference related to genealogy?” asked Jay Verkler, “When friction and filtering is reduced between connections, innovation occurs.” Verkler spoke during the opening keynote session of the new RootsTech conference this morning. The conference brings together users and producers of technology. “We hope you’re picking up a view of what’s possible.”

One recent innovation in technology is the cloud. The cloud is big. I’m not talking about actual breadth, but importance. The cloud is much more than just the Internet. The cloud is a place where services and software reside: e-mail, word processors and our documents, genealogy documents and our trees, photo albums and more. That is the cloud.

“The new is built entirely in the cloud,” said Verkler. “It doesn’t use any of our own servers.” The implications are big, said Verkler.

Shane Robison of HP addresses RootsTech conference “The conversation is shifting,” said Shane Robison. “Information is becoming the primary topic of conversation.” Robison, who also spoke during this morning’s keynote, is the executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer for Hewlett–Packard Company.

It is incredible what is happening in technology, said Robison. By 2020 there will be 25 million apps, 4 billion people online, 31 billion connected devices, 1.3 terrabytes of tags and sensors, and 50 trillion gigabytes of data.

I have to agree.


  1. Okay, I'll bite, apparently being completely in the dark about this topic.

    Where does the new store the data - the historicsal collections, the library catalog, the Wiki, the Family Tree, etc.?

    Do they rent or lease servers from a server company?

    Inquiring minds are really wishing they were in SLC today!

  2. I concure with Randy's questions - and comment!
    Just what is "The Cloud"?

    If records are "in the cloud" , What is to stop someone (or any government, for that matter) to cause "it" ("The Cloud")
    to be closed down, as what happened to the inteernet and phones, and television in Egypt!

  3. Me gusta que el nuevo FS esté en "la nube". Me da más seguridad y mas tranquilidad al actualizar los datos.
    Lo que no puedo llegar a imaginarme es a todo el mundo (miembros y no miembros) accediendo al new FS.


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