Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Brimhall Unveils New FamilySearch Logo

At the close of his keynote address Thursday, Dennis Brimhall, FamilySearch president and CEO unveiled a new logo.

New FamilySearch Logo

FamilySearch employees were not given a chance to see the logo before the general public. Upon inquiry, someone said it was because it has not been finalized. I don’t know how authoritative that source is.

The animation in Brimhall’s presentation suggests that the logo represents FamilySearch’s new emphasis on photos and stories. Photographs from his story about his father morphed into the shape of the tree logo:

Photos Covering Boxes in FamilySearch Logo

On a different note, you’ll recall that last week I wrote about next year’s expansion of RootsTech. (See “FamilySearch Gives RootsTech Bloggers Sneak Peak.”) In his keynote, Brimhall showed maps visually showing the scope of the increase.

This year FamilySearch is broadcasting sessions out to 16 satellite locations in seven countries, with translations into native languages. The expected reach is another 4,000 people.

RootsTech 2013 Satellite Locations

If the experiment is successful, next year FamilySearch will expand that to 600 locations with an expected reach of 120,000 people!

Proposed RootsTech 2014 Satellite Locations

That is a wow moment.


  1. Any details yet if this "broadcasting" to 16 satellite locations already occurred - as with the RootsTech-branded Kansas City event simultaneous to RootsTech?

    Or are the other 15 future events? - and if so, will these also be open to the public and branded RootsTech, as in Kansas City? And schedule posted online somewhere? :-)

  2. Sorry, I hate the new logo. The blocky letters are terrible and don't convey the same level of sophistication that we saw with the old logo.

  3. The release seemed to be very soft as I don't recall him pointing out the logo and it only was on the screen a few seconds. I've seen no rollout on a website yet either. Not a huge fan of the font, but I don't mind the new fresh take on the brand. The very complicated tree logo and formal font of the old logo probably isn't as inviting to the younger generation as the simple tree logo. I like the look of the new website with the bright, inviting colors.

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    1. Hi, by the way, may I know what is the new font used in the new logo?
      Thank you for immediate reply.
      -chris of Philippines


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