Friday, March 22, 2013

From RootsTech: Wow Moments

Jyl Pattee addresses the RootsTech ConferenceRootsTech’s opening session on Friday featured two more keynote speakers, (that’s five total, for those of you not keeping track), Jyl Pattee and Tim Sullivan.

Jyl quoted Hilary Cooper as saying, “Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

“We don’t take the time to think about the small, wow moments that take our breath away on a daily basis,” Jyl said. However, we should.

Jyl is a social media expert with a focus on women and mothers. She is the founder of Mom It Forward Media, a digital agency and “network of social media influencers.”

She gave RootsTech attendees a recipe for Wow moments:

  1. Create the WOW
  2. Capture the WOW
  3. Archive the WOW
  4. Share the WOW

Jyl Pattee jumping in the state of IowaJyl once created a bunch of wow moments through a goal to jump in each state. She’s pictured to the right at the final state, Iowa.

Twelve years ago Jyl took the time to capture some small wow moments from the life of her grandmother. She taped a microphone to a telephone, called her up on a regular basis, and got her to talk about her life.

“The stories may not have been wow moments for her, but they definitely were for me.” Her grandmother has since passed away. Jyl has added photographs to the audio and created a YouTube video for sharing with her cousins.

In parting, Jyl told us, “Go make it a wow weekend!”

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