Monday, January 13, 2014

Monday Mailbox: OCLC

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Dear Ancestry Insider,

Yesterday I used the links from FamilySearch to WorldCat for the "find in a library" link

It's somewhat buried near the bottom of the catalog entry in FamilySearch as "OCLC Number" and clicking on that number takes you to the WorldCat entry... so the system is working both ways

Connie Moretti

Dear readers,

I’m grateful to Connie for pointing this out. The links are present in the classic catalog but not the new, beta catalog.

For an example, see the classic catalog entry for George W. Sullivan’s The Sullivans and Allied Families. Scroll down to the bottom. Above Subject Class it says OCLC Number. Click the number, 56768106. The link takes you to the WorldCat catalog where you can see a list of libraries with the title. Enter your zip code to see a list, sorted by distance, of nearby libraries that have the book.

The Ancestry Insider

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  1. I had someone bring me the OCLC number to the desk at the Family History Library last week, thinking it was our call number.


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