Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ancestry.com Expands DNA Region Information

Ancestry.com recently expanded the historical information it gives to users about different regions of the world. When users click on a particular ethnicity, Ancestry.com displays a map showing where in the world people of that ethnicity live.

Ancestry DNA map showing historic location of an ethnic group

Population History for Europe West ethnicity

Beneath that map Ancestry.com has added historical information about that region and ethnicity. The information for the Europe West ethnicity is shown to the right. It includes information about prehistoric Western Europe, Celtic tribal expansion, Germanic incursions, Roman assimilation,  the V√∂lkerwanderung (“migration of peoples”), and the Frankish Kingdom. It includes information about a couple of minorities.

While all of this information is freely available elsewhere, its inclusion here in the Ancestry DNA ethnicity report enhances its value by providing convenient access.

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