Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#NGS2014GEN Is Here

The Ancestry Insider is a member of the Official Social Media Press for NGS 2014General sessions of the National Genealogical Society’s 2014 annual conference begin tomorrow.

If you can’t make it to the conference (or even if you are), you can go to http://ngs2014gen.tweetwall.com/ to follow conference twitter.

On your smart phone you can follow the twitter using the conference app. Go to http://conference.ngsgenealogy.org/attend/mobile-app/. On your computer, access the conference app at http://app.core-apps.com/ngs2014. Click on Twitter or Facebook.

You may wish to follow postings by the conference’s official social media press. A list can be found on the conference blog in the right hand sidebar. The blog contains articles about all of them which include links to their websites.

I’m attending the FamilySearch blogger dinner tonight. I’ll have a report for you shortly. I guess Ancestry.com isn’t doing a briefing (or didn’t invite me?!) so I can’t give them equal time. Oh well; I know who butters my bread.

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