Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Mother’s Day Videos

Better late than never. Click each thumbnail to watch each video.

From Ancestry.com: “Here's to the mothers who fought, who farmed, who loved us, who raised us, who taught us right from wrong. Celebrate the mothers - today, and everyday.”

Ancestry.com Mothers Day video

From FamilySearch: “To Every Mother: Is there any title more honorable than that of ‘Mother’? Are there any stories more inspiring than those of loving mothers?”

FamilySearch Mothers Day video

My favorite Mothers Day video this year: “Unlimited hours. No breaks. The most important job is also the world's toughest job.”


Happy—belated—Mothers Day.

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  1. Many years ago I needed to hire another person to work in my office. I interviewed many people. In order to weed out the ones who probably would be overwhelmed by the responsibilities I described the job in the worst possible terms. I knew I found the right person when, after hearing my description of the job, she leaned forward, smiled and said, "You cannot frighten me. I have four children."


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