Monday, August 11, 2014

FHLC Retiring 2 September 2014

FamilySearch revealed this (Monday) morning that it is retiring the old Family History Library catalog on the 2nd of September. On that date, users will automatically be redirected to the new FamilySearch catalog. To give feedback before that date, visit the old catalog at and click Give Feedback. To use the new FamilySearch catalog, hover over Search on the menu bar and click Catalog. Or go directly to


  1. I've never used the catalog successfully because I don't know the title of the publication I need. That's why I'm searching. Is there any way to see, at least by category, what's available? It's like telling you I have lots of information on my computer that you are welcome to use but I don't tell you what I have.

    1. Yes. You can also search by title, subject, author name, or film number. By far, the most useful way to search is by locality. You can easily see what records are available for that place.

      ---The Ancestry Insider


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