Monday, October 19, 2015

Monday Mailbox: RootsTech 2016 Conference Class Schedule

Dear Ancestry Insider,

I can't seem to find a [RootsTech 2016 class] schedule online. I'm wondering if there's anything I'd want to attend on Wednesday.

Heidi C.

Dear Heidi,

This is a case where they’ve hidden the link to the schedule in plain sight. Go to In the middle of the page are three pictures. For a year my brain dismissed these as window dressing, but I finally noticed they are clickable. Click the one on the left labeled “2016 Classes” (marked by the yellow arrow, below).

The three photos in the middle are clickable.

Or you can click Schedule at the top of the page. Here the challenge is the wording in the box on the left. Click “Browse & Search.”

Or just click here.

Remember, today’s the last day to register for the early bird discount.

---The Ancestry Insider

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