Thursday, May 19, 2016 Provides Some Free Educational Opportunities

At RootsTech, interviewed some genealogical experts. They are posting short, educational clips on YouTube taken from the interviews. They recently posted a couple that may catch your interest.

Loretta Evans, “Exploring U.S. Military Pension Files with Loretta Evans”Loretta Evans answers questions about U.S. Military Pension Files in an eight minute video titled, “Exploring U.S. Military Pension Files with Loretta Evans.” Ancestry posted this information about the video:

Loretta Evans, AG ® specializes in researching the Midwestern United States. Her recent projects have included writing family histories, digitizing photographs, and cataloging family heirlooms.

Loretta shares what many consider to be among the richest family history records, pension files! Learn about some of the often overlooked details that can be found in military pension files + examples of how pensions have unlocked mysteries in Loretta's research.

Search Ancestry's military pension collections here:

Pamela Boyer Sayre and Rick Sayre, “Historical Maps Reveal Much More Than We Think.”Pamela Boyer Sayre and Rick Sayre presented an eight minute video titled, “Historical Maps Reveal Much More Than We Think.” Ancestry provided this information about the video:

Certified Genealogists, Pamela Boyer Sayre & Rick Sayre share why maps reveal more than meets the eye along with their favorite online and offline resources to find maps to use in your family history research.

Find the Library of Congress Map Collections here:
University of Virginia Census Browser:
Newberry Library Atlas of Historical County Boundaries:
Explore Preserve the Pensions effort here:

Learn more about Rick and Pamela, explore their services and connect with them here:

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