Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Family History Enhances Lives - #RootsTech 2017

Steve Rockwood addresses Innovators Summit at RootsTech 2017.Today was Innovator Summit at RootsTech 2017. In the general session Steve Rockwood asked us to “imagine how we’ll treat each other when we know we’re all connected.” He invited us to take the opportunity while we’re here at RootsTech to see if we are connected to him. His father is Trulan van Rockwood (PID KW88-46X in FamilySearch Family Tree). If you find a connection, he wants you to stop by his house for dinner. Um. Maybe I misheard that part. At least stop him and tell him you’re related.

Family Tree has a handy “View My Relationship” link that you can use to see if you are related. (You must have first created a FamilySearch account and entered your tree.)

Steve, we are 9th cousins, once removed. What time is dinner?

He encouraged attendees to innovate and said, “Those are the opportunities we have to connect people with their families, to their homelands, and to the wonderful effects of family history in their lives.”

“Family history has the ability to enhance everyone’s life.”

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