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Win #RootsTech 2017 Prizes from Your Living Room

Win RootsTech 2017 prizes from your living room.RootsTech 2017 just keeps getting better and better. Now there are ways you can win prizes from home, too! T-shirts, hats, even an iPad! Plus, I’ve learned of more prizes for which you must be present to win.


To win from home, watch for an official giveaway Tweet from the official RootsTech account (@RootsTechConf) on Thursday, 9 February. Then, tweet a photo of yourself watching the conference online. Use the hashtag #NotAtRootsTech. Winners will be selected at random during the day. If your photo is selected, prizes such as a RootsTech t-shirt, hat, or backpack will be shipped to you. Watch for my daily heads-up of the following day’s live, streaming classes. (I’m sending them out a day in advance because some of you don’t get your newsletter until mid-day.) For more information on the #NotAtRootsTech contest, see “#NotAtRootsTech 2017? Here’s How to Participate Virtually” on the FamilySearch blog.

iPads from JoyFLIPS

JoyFLIPS is giving away four Apple iPad-2 tablets to celebrate their RootsTech 2017 launch and you don’t have to be in Salt Lake City to win. Anyone opening a free JoyFLIPS account from 8 February 2017 to 11 February 2017 will be entered into the daily drawings. (All JoyFLIPS accounts created before the event opens will be included in the drawing on 8 February.) Winners will be picked each day at the JoyFLIPS booth #1335. JoyFLIPS is one of the Innovator Showdown semi-finalists. For more information about JoyFLIPS technology visit or download the free iPhone app at

RootsMagic Daily Giveaway

This one you must be present to win. RootsMagic gathered up prizes from several vendors, added their own, and now they plan on giving it all away to you. The value of all the prizes totals more than $4,000. The prizes are:

To enter:

  1. Find the RootsMagic Daily Giveaway entry form in your RootsTech attendee bag. Forms are also available at the RootsMagic booth.
  2. Complete the word search puzzle on the entry form and write your name on it.
  3. Drop off your completed entry form at the RootsMagic booth in the Expo Hall (#723).
  4. Come back to the RootsMagic booth every day at 12:50 pm for the daily prize drawings. You must be present to win.

For more information, see “RootsMagic at RootsTech 2017: The RootsMagic Daily Giveaway” on the RootsMagic blog.

Genealogy Gems

More “must be present to win” prize drawings are coming to Lisa Louise Cook’s Genealogy Gems booth (#1039). She is sponsoring a series of free, 30-minute classes in her booth and topping them off with a free prize drawing in every class. I quote their schedule, with the prizes to be awarded:

Thursday, February 9

  1. 10:15 AM – Beginning Genetic Genealogy with Diahan Southard
    Your DNA Guide Video Series ($29.95)
    Getting Started Quick Guide ($8.95)
  1. 12:15 PM – 5 Ways to Jog Memories with Sunny Morton
    Story of My Life workbook ($19.99)
    Famicity Premium Subscription ($95.88) This is a brand new, private family social network. Think of it as your Legacy Center!
  1. 12:40 PM – Naturalization Records with Amie Tennant
    RootsMagic 4 CD Set ($119.80) includes RootsMagic Software from our long time and valued sponsor, the spectucular RootsMagic!
  1. 2:30 PM – German Ancestral Villages with Jim Beidler, video from Family Tree University
    Trace Your German Roots Online book ($21.99)  Fabulous resource for Germany research!
    Genealogy Gems: Ultimate Research Strategies book ($15.95) Lisa Louise Cooke’s hard to find first book.
  1. 4:00 PM – Google Methodology with Lisa Louise Cooke
    The Genealogist’s Google Toolbox book, Second Ed. ($24.95) Lisa Louise Cooke’s Google Methodology in one complete and updated volume.
    Genealogy Gems Premium Membership (New or renewal) ($39.95) Includes over 30 class videos and over 140 exclusive Premium podcast episodes!

Friday, February 10

  1. 10:15 AM – Creating Family History Videos with Lisa Louise Cooke
    Animoto Subscription ($96.00) You’re going to flip for this tech tool! Click here to learn more right away.
  1. 12:15 PM – Your Ethnic DNA Pie with Diahan Southard
    Exciting DNA themed prize to be announced soon!
  1. 12:45 PM – Genealogy Jackpot with Sunny Morton
    SnagIt Software by Techsmith ($49.95) Lisa uses SnagIt constantly, and you’re gonna LOVE it for genealogy! Techsmith tools are tops!
    Ultimate Family Tree Chart Templates CD ($29.99) Every genealogist needs this from the #1 genealogy magazine, Family Tree Magazine.
  1. 4:00 PM – Mastering video from Family Tree University
    Genealogy Gems Premium Membership (New or renewal) ($39.95)
  1. 5:45 PM – Journaling & Scrapbooking Tech with Amie Tennant
    FlipPal Mobile Scanner ($149.99) You’ll flip if you win this one from our good friends at FlipPal.
  1. 6:15 PM – Organize with Trello with Drew Smith
    Organize Your Genealogy book ($25.99) After you win the book, Drew will sign in for you!

Saturday, February 11

  1. 10:15 AM – “Big 4” Databases with Sunny Morton
    Findmypast Premium Subscription ($239.50) You don’t have to have just British ancestors to love this prize, but it’s nice if you do.
  1. 2:05 PM – Google Earth Strategies with Lisa Louise Cooke
    Google Earth for Genealogy Video Series ($24.00) This series will help you go into the genealogy geography stratosphere after learning the basics at Lisa’s session.
    Genealogy Gems Premium Membership ($39.95)  7 of the 30 video classes included are on geography and genealogy, like Time Travel with Google Earth! Sweet!

Grand Prizes – Saturday at 12:45 PM

Bring the grand prize entry form to their booth to enter the grand prize drawing and get a free syllabus e-book for their booth presentations.

3rd Grand Prize: 1 Complete MyHeritage Subscription ($250.74) AND MyHeritage DNA Test Kit ($99.00) from our wonderful podcast sponsor. Thank you MyHeritage!
2nd Grand Prize: Discovery Research Package from Legacy Tree Genealogists ($350.00) Hit a brick wall? These experts will help you bust through! The winner will receive 3.5 hours of research in a digital format which includes: preliminary analysis on your family tree or DNA: discovery of what records are available for the area and time period of interest, development of a research plan, and some work towards your research goals.
1st Grand Prize:1 Year World Subscription ($298.00) AND Ancestry DNA Autosomal Test Kit ($99.00) An amazing two-few from our friends

For more information, see “RootsTech 2017” on the Genealogy Gems website.


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