Monday, August 6, 2012

Census Indexing Update: And It’s Over finishes publishing the 1940 US CensusOn 3 August 2012 announced that they had finished indexing—and publishing—the 1940 US Census. “We are so excited to be publishing our index to the 1940 U.S. Federal Census for free on,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO of

Meanwhile, as of 8:30 that morning, FamilySearch had not published an index since the 18th of July. Their indexing completion percentage had risen to 99, and the status map indicated two states left to finish: New Jersey and Tennessee.

Later in the day FamilySearch announced that indexing was complete and six states would be published today, 6th of August. The announcement said that they would finish publishing the entire census by the end of the month. Despite the announcement, as of Saturday, 4th of August, batches were still available for “US, Puerto Rico—Censo Federal de 1940.”

The full text of the Ancestry press release can be read online, as can the announcement by FamilySearch.


  1. The sixth of what??
    Somebody was up too late ;-)

  2. March?!? I don't know where that came from. Yes; August is correct.

    --The Insider

  3. With such a vast number of mistakes, how can be "done"? No English-speaker would mistake "information from mothe. . . ." written up the side as being a "street name."

  4. They may be fully indexed but according to the website there are still numerous states that aren't "searchable" as of today - one of which (of course!) I'm dying to try because I can't find the guy on Ancestry anywhere. I don't know if he was missed entirely or if it's just Ancestry's poor indexing; I spent hours yesterday using different search combinations on Ancestry and couldn't find anything even close. Here's hoping FS comes through!

  5. already noticed tons of ridiculous errors. men that are clearly noted as male listed as female. a whole page of people in a Texas ED who say they're born in Texas are listed as born in Alabama. just basic errors that should not be there. i can understand hard handwriting. but this is stuff anyone should be able to get right

  6. Did anyone happen to notice that FS took down their ever-so-helpful state-by-state map of what is or is not available since ACOM announced they are "done"? I am sorry that FS seems to feel that it WAS a contest:(

    Debi Ham -make sure to clear your cache, if you are not seeing a state in the ancestry drop-down box. Or go to
    I make no claim for accuracy, but all states ARE searchable on


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