Wednesday, April 20, 2016

AncestryDNA Improvements Coming announced recently that it will be making improvements to AncestryDNA. The refinements will result in a better list of those you are related to, and how closely you are related. These refinements are made possible by the growing size of the AncestryDNA databank.

“Your DNA match list will automatically show the new results when the update is available in the coming weeks,” Ancestry said. “You’ll receive an email letting you know when it’s ready.” Some results may not be as good as previously postulated, so they will be removed from your list. (Ancestry will make it possible to access any that you had marked or added comments to.

These improvements will be made available free for all existing customers. Read the PDF provided by Ancestry to see this information in Ancestry’s own words.


  1. We'll see. A month ago my 19 circles were suddenly reduced to 8. I called ancestry and they could not explain, but insisted the others would return. They finally did this week. Just not satisfied with what's going on with Ancestry. Have been resorting to and plan to cancel my Ancestry membership at next renewal. Jan Pritchett-Litvin

  2. "Coming weeks" It has already been 6 days with no new matches if this is going to be weeks then I need to put my account on hold instead of paying for something that is not working

  3. I had my DNA done by FTM DNA before ancestry was doing DNA but Ancestry won't accept the FTM DNA as they are only in it for the money not to help the cutomer I have been with ancestry since the early 90s but have canceled and am now useing roots magic and family search!!!!!

  4. I got an email from "ancestry support" today.

    Hi Removed,

    Ancestry has moved to a brand new support platform. By doing so we have created a more powerful set of tools as well as added some key features to aid you with any of your future support needs.

    To take part in this new experience; you will need to reset your password by clicking on the following link: I've taken out the rest of the link.

    Your Username is: Removed

    Ancestry Support

    1. That email refers to Ancestry's support forums only; they have changed platforms.

    2. I got that email too and it had my wrong Ancestry user name. Is is Spam? Phishing?

  5. I am excited about the new DNA information Ancestry is making possible for us. These improvements are the result of an expanded data base, the direct result of so many customers like us who are looking to know more about our heritage. This tells me that as more and more individuals take the test, more new information will come. It's truly a miracle! My husband, aunt and brother have now submitted their DNA. We have confirmed relationships and added new possibilities. I've been in touch with a number of cousins who share my DNA. Thank you, Ancestry, for making this happen!

  6. In the middle of researching today, refused to provide search results until I resolve my subscription which isn't due for 6 more days. Obviously not a happy circumstance. I'd say I'll pay when I'm good and ready, yet they really have me over a barrel, don't they? I guess it is time, that after this renewal, I make sure I have downloaded everything I need and look to rely on other providers.


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