Tuesday, September 20, 2016

MyHeritage Provides FamilySearch Source Button

Click to view an infographic
Click to view an infographic

FamilySearch announced last week that MyHeritage is providing a button to create a source in FamilySearch’s Family Tree. When viewing a MyHeritage historical record the button is available below the record details.

A single click or tap of the button creates a source in Family Tree. To associate the source with the correct person in Family Tree, you must have initiated the search from the person’s Family Tree page.

Ancestry.com features similar functionality: Attach the record to a person in an Ancestry Member Tree, link that person to a person in FamilySearch Family Tree, and transfer the source. This feature is available only to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

For more information about the MyHeritage button, see “Family History Easy Button: Create New Sources in Family Tree from MyHeritage” on the FamilySearch blog.


  1. There are still a couple of glitches. When you click the MyHeritage button, you are taken to a page of results that is quite large as the search has not been focused, but when you edit the search at MyHeritage, you lose the FamilySearch link icon to link any result found from the new focused list of results.

    Also, nothing at MyHeritage or FamilySearch tells you if you have already linked a source and so duplicates can easily pile up.

    Good start, though and hoping that at some point syncing MyHeritage and FamilySearch trees will work both ways, i.e., I can move data over from MyHeritage trees to FamilySearch in addition to moving over from FamilySearch to MyHeritage!

  2. "Ancestry.com..... This feature is available only to members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints."

    So if I am not a member i get punished by having to do the same work over and over? Bad policy....


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