Friday, September 9, 2016

Serendipity in Denmark in the Middle of Nowhere

Margaret Abildskov
Margaret Abildskov
Uploaded by Frances Gardner Watkins to

It is as though our ancestors want to be found. Uncanny coincidences. Olympian luck. Phenomenal fate. Tremendous intuition. Remarkable miracles. We call It, “Serendipity in Genealogy.”

Frances Gardner Watkins doesn’t speak Danish. When the bus driver told her to get off the bus on the side of the freeway, somewhere in the middle of Denmark, there was no way to discuss it. And while it was pretty obvious they had not arrived at the bed and breakfast, he insisted.

Subsequent events created a great tale of serendipity.

To read Frances’s story, see “Family History Moment: Miracle in Denmark” on the Deseret News: LDS Church News website.

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