Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Ancestry Boosts Newspaper Collection

Those who regularly check the Recent Databases widget on the Ancestry Insider website have known since last Friday that Ancestry posted a slew of new newspaper content. At the time I'm writing this, there has not yet been an official mention by Ancestry.

That we should anticipate a large newspaper release was recently mentioned by Ancestry.com CEO, Tim Sullivan, and announced by Ancestry VP of Content, Gary Gibbs. If my count is correct, there were 240+ new or updated titles posted Friday. I guess we'll have to wait for official word to know if this completes the release mentioned.

The newly posted or updated titles are:

Playground Daily News (Fort Walton Beach, Florida) 05/30/2008
Troy Record (Troy, New York) - Updated 05/30/2008
The Argus (Fremont, California) - Updated 05/30/2008
Times Record (Troy, New York) - Updated 05/30/2008
Portsmouth Herald (Portsmouth, New Hampshire) - Updated 05/30/2008
Kokomo Tribune (Kokomo, Indiana) - Updated 05/30/2008
Mexia Evening Ledger (Mexia, Texas) - Updated 05/30/2008
North Adams Transcript (North Adams, Massachusetts) - Updated 05/30/2008
Berkshire Eagle (Pittsfield, Massachusetts) - Updated 05/30/2008
Newport Daily News (Newport, Rhode Island) - Updated 05/30/2008
The High Point Enterprise (High Point, North Carolina) - Updated 05/30/2008
The Bismarck Tribune (Bismarck, North Dakota) - Updated 05/30/2008
The Pointer (Riverdale, Illinois) - Updated 05/30/2008
News Journal (Chicago, Illinois) - Updated 05/30/2008
Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. IV 05/30/2008
Encyclopedia of Virginia Biography, Vol. V 05/30/2008
English Duplicates of Lost Virginia Records 05/30/2008
New South Wales, Australia, Assisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1828-1896 05/30/2008
New South Wales, Australia, Unassisted Immigrant Passenger Lists, 1826-1922 05/30/2008
Taglicher Volksfreund (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) - Updated 05/30/2008
The Kingsport Times (Kingsport, Tennessee) - Updated 05/30/2008
Port Arthur News (Port Arthur, Texas) - Updated 05/30/2008
Nashua Telegraph (Nashua, New Hampshire) - Updated 05/30/2008
Ironwood Daily Globe (Ironwood, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Hammond Times (Hammond, Indiana) 05/30/2008
The Vidette Messenger (Valparaiso, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Anderson Herald (Anderson, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Beckley Post-Herald (Beckley, West Virginia) 05/30/2008
Tri City Herald (Pasco, Washington) - Updated 05/30/2008
The Bee (Danville, Virginia) - Updated 05/30/2008
Suburbanite Economist (Chicago, Illinois) - Updated 05/30/2008
Mason City Globe Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) - Updated 05/30/2008
The Piqua Daily Call (Piqua, Ohio) - Updated 05/30/2008
Modesto Evening News (Modesto, California) - Updated 05/30/2008
Fitchburg Sentinel (Fitchburg, Massachusetts) - Updated 05/30/2008
Barnard Bulletin (New York, New York) - Updated 05/30/2008
Daily Republican News (Hamilton, Ohio) - Updated 05/30/2008
Courier News (Blytheville, Arkansas) 05/30/2008
Northwest Arkansas Times (Fayetteville, Arkansas) 05/30/2008
Abilene Morning Reporter-News (Abilene, Texas) 05/30/2008
Amarillo Daily News (Amarillo, Texas) 05/30/2008
Amarillo Globe (Amarillo, Texas) 05/30/2008
Robesonian (Lumberton, North Carolina) 05/30/2008
Butler County Democrat (Hamilton, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Hamilton Daily News Journal (Hamilton, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Weirton Daily Times (Weirton, West Virginia) 05/30/2008
Berlin City Courant (Berlin, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Chilton Times (Chilton, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Daily Telegram (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Eau Claire Leader (Eau Claire, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Nord Stern (La Crosse, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Der Nord-Westen (Manitowoc, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Atlas Tagliche Ausgabe (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Banner Und Volksfreund Vereinigte Tagliche Stadt-A (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Das Tagliche Banner (Milwaukee, Wisconsin) 05/30/2008
Oneonta Star (Oneonta, New York) 05/30/2008
Ada Weekly News (Ada, Oklahoma) 05/30/2008
Sunday Gazette-Mail (Charleston, West Virginia) 05/30/2008
Fresno Bee Republican (Fresno, California) 05/30/2008
Naples Daily News (Naples, Florida) 05/30/2008
Panama City News (Panama City, Florida) 05/30/2008
Panama City News-Herald (Panama City, Florida) 05/30/2008
Idaho Free Press (Nampa, Idaho) 05/30/2008
Oil City Derrick (Oil City, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
McKean County Miner (Smethport, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Hamilton Daily News (Hamilton, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Hamilton Evening Journal (Hamilton, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Journal News (Hamilton, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Evening Independent (Massillon, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Corpus Christi Caller (Corpus Christi, Texas) 05/30/2008
Corpus Christi Caller-Times (Corpus Christi, Texas) 05/30/2008
Lawton Constitution And Morning Press (Lawton, Oklahoma) 05/30/2008
Bridgeport Post, The (Bridgeport, Connecticut) - Updated 05/30/2008
Amarillo Globe-Times (Amarillo, Texas) 05/30/2008
Baytown Sun (Baytown, Texas) 05/30/2008
Big Spring Daily Herald (Big Spring, Texas) 05/30/2008
Big Spring Weekly Herald (Big Spring, Texas) 05/30/2008
Brownsville Herald (Brownsville, Texas) 05/30/2008
Corpus Christi Times (Corpus Christi, Texas) 05/30/2008
Deer Park Progress (Deer Park, Texas) 05/30/2008
Denton Record-Chronicle (Denton, Texas) 05/30/2008
Evening Light (San Antonio, Texas) 05/30/2008
Express-News (San Antonio, Texas) 05/30/2008
Galveston Daily News (Galveston, Texas) 05/30/2008
Herald Banner (Greenville, Texas) 05/30/2008
San Antonio Evening News (San Antonio, Texas) 05/30/2008
San Antonio Gazette (San Antonio, Texas) 05/30/2008
San Antonio Light (San Antonio, Texas) 05/30/2008
San Jacinto News-Times (Shepherd, Texas) 05/30/2008
Victoria Advocate (Victoria, Texas) 05/30/2008
Waco News Tribune (Waco, Texas) 05/30/2008
Daily Express (San Antonio, Texas) 05/30/2008
Anniston Star (Anniston, Alabama) 05/30/2008
Daily Sitka Sentinel (Sitka, Alaska) 05/30/2008
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner (Fairbanks, Alaska) 05/30/2008
Dispatch (Douglas, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Morning Sun (Yuma, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Sun-Advertiser (Yuma, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Tucson Daily Citizen (Tucson, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Tucson Daily News (Tucson, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Yuma Daily Sun And Arizona Sentinel (Yuma, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Yuma Examiner (Yuma, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Yuma Weekly Sun (Yuma, Arizona) 05/30/2008
Daily Review (Hayward, California) 05/30/2008
Eureka Humboldt Standard (Eureka, California) 05/30/2008
Independent (Long Beach, California) 05/30/2008
Independent Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) 05/30/2008
Independent Star News (Pasadena, California) 05/30/2008
Modesto Bee And Herald-News (Modesto, California) 05/30/2008
Modesto News-Herald (Modesto, California) 05/30/2008
Pasadena Independent (Pasadena, California) 05/30/2008
Pasadena Independent Topic (Pasadena, California) 05/30/2008
Post (San Mateo, California) 05/30/2008
Press-Courier (Oxnard, California) 05/30/2008
Press-Telegram (Long Beach, California) 05/30/2008
San Mateo Times And Daily News Leader (San Mateo, California) 05/30/2008
Saturday Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) 05/30/2008
Star-News (Pasadena, California) 05/30/2008
Sunday Oakland Tribune (Oakland, California) 05/30/2008
Times (San Mateo, California) 05/30/2008
Times Standard (Eureka, California) 05/30/2008
Greeley Daily Tribune (Greeley, Colorado) 05/30/2008
Idaho State Journal (Pocatello, Idaho) 05/30/2008
Post-Register (Idaho Falls, Idaho) 05/30/2008
Austin News (Chicago, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Chicago Heights Star (Chicago, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Daily Leader (Pontiac, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Englewood Economist (Chicago, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Southeast Economist (Chicago, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Southern Illinoisan (Carbondale, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Star Publications (Chicago, Illinois) 05/30/2008
Anderson Daily Bulletin (Anderson, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Cambridge City Tribune (Cambridge City, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Delaware County Daily Times (Chester, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Kokomo Morning Times (Kokomo, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Logansport Daily Tribune (Logansport, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Logansport Journal-Tribune (Logansport, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Logansport Morning Press (Logansport, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Logansport Pharos Tribune (Logansport, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Logansport Pharos-Reporter (Logansport, Indiana) 05/30/2008
National Road Traveler (Cambridge City, Indiana) 05/30/2008
Ames Daily Tribune and Evening Times (Ames, Iowa) 05/30/2008
Bayard Advocate (Bayard, Iowa) 05/30/2008
Bayard News (Bayard, Iowa) 05/30/2008
Cedar Falls Gazette (Cedar Falls, Iowa) 05/30/2008
Salina Journal (Salina, Kansas) 05/30/2008
Corbin Daily Tribune (Corbin, Kentucky) 05/30/2008
Corbin Times (Corbin, Kentucky) 05/30/2008
Corbin Times Tribune (Corbin, Kentucky) 05/30/2008
Middlesboro Daily News (Middlesboro, Kentucky) 05/30/2008
Cumberland Evening Times (Cumberland, Maryland) 05/30/2008
Cumberland News (Cumberland, Maryland) 05/30/2008
Daily Mail (Hagerstown, Maryland) 05/30/2008
Morning Herald (Hagerstown, Maryland) 05/30/2008
The Capital (Annapolis, Maryland) - Updated 05/30/2008
Torch Light And Public Advertiser (Hagers-Town, Maryland) 05/30/2008
Bessemer Herald (Bessemer, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Herald-Palladium (Benton Harbor, Michigan) 05/30/2008
News-Palladium (Benton Harbor, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Pick and Axe (Bessemer, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Traverse City Record Eagle (Traverse City, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Wakefield Advocate (Wakefield, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Wakefield News (Wakefield, Michigan) 05/30/2008
Austin Daily Herald (Austin, Minnesota) 05/30/2008
Daily Journal (Fergus Falls, Minnesota) 05/30/2008
Pioneer (Bemidji, Minnesota) 05/30/2008
Winona Daily News (Winona, Minnesota) 05/30/2008
Winona Republican-Herald (Winona, Minnesota) 05/30/2008
Daily Democrat (Greenville, Mississippi) 05/30/2008
Delta Democrat Times (Greenville, Mississippi) 05/30/2008
Delta Star (Greenville, Mississippi) 05/30/2008
Weekly Democrat-Times (Greenville, Mississippi) 05/30/2008
Daily Capital News (Jefferson City, Missouri) 05/30/2008
Jefferson City Post-Tribune (Jefferson City, Missouri) 05/30/2008
Magic City Free Press (Moberly, Missouri) 05/30/2008
Moberly Monitor-Index (Moberly, Missouri) 05/30/2008
Moberly Weekly Monitor (Moberly, Missouri) 05/30/2008
News and Tribune (Jefferson City, Missouri) 05/30/2008
Billings Gazette (Billings, Montana) 05/30/2008
Daily Inter Lake (Kalispell, Montana) 05/30/2008
Herald (Billings, Montana) 05/30/2008
Montana Standard (Butte, Montana) - Updated 05/30/2008
Montana Standard-Post (Butte-Anaconda, Montana) 05/30/2008
The Anaconda Standard (Anaconda, Montana) - Updated 05/30/2008
Columbus Telegram (Columbus, Nebraska) 05/30/2008
Albuquerque Morning Journal (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Albuquerque Tribune (Albuquerque, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Gallup Independent (Gallup, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Hobbs Daily News-Sun (Hobbs, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Las Cruces Sun-News (Las Cruces, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Las Vegas Optic (Las Vegas, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Rio Grande Republic (Las Cruces, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Rio Grande Republican (Las Cruces, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Santa Rosa News (Santa Rosa, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Silver City Daily Press (Silver City, New Mexico) 05/30/2008
Daily Messenger (Canandaigua, New York) 05/30/2008
Dunkirk Evening Observer (Dunkirk, New York) - Updated 05/30/2008
Evening Tribune (Hornell, New York) 05/30/2008
Evening Tribune-Times (Hornell, New York) 05/30/2008
Kingston Daily Freeman (Kingston, New York) 05/30/2008
Middletown Times Herald (Middletown, New York) 05/30/2008
Norwich Sun (Norwich, New York) 05/30/2008
Olean Evening Herald (Olean, New York) 05/30/2008
Olean Evening Times (Olean, New York) 05/30/2008
Times Herald (Olean, New York) 05/30/2008
Portsmouth Daily Times (Portsmouth, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Richwood Gazette (Richwood, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Union-Liberty Journal (Hamilton, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Xenia Daily Gazette (Xenia, Ohio) 05/30/2008
Lawton Constitution (Lawton, Oklahoma) 05/30/2008
Lawton Morning Press (Lawton, Oklahoma) 05/30/2008
Daily News Standard (Uniontown, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Daily Record (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Delaware County Daily Times (Chester, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Delaware County Daily Times (Primos, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Evening Standard (Uniontown, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
North Hills News Record (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Pocono Record (Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Simpson's Leader-Times (Kittanning, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Titusville Herald (Titusville, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Newport Journal And Weekly News (Newport, Rhode Island) 05/30/2008
Newport Mercury And Weekly News (Newport, Rhode Island) 05/30/2008
Newport Navalog (Newport, Rhode Island) 05/30/2008
Daily Times News (Burlington, South Carolina) 05/30/2008
Daily Huronite (Huron, South Dakota) 05/30/2008
Daily Plainsman (Huron, South Dakota) 05/30/2008
Dakota Huronite (Huron, South Dakota) 05/30/2008
Evening Huronite (Huron, South Dakota) 05/30/2008
Huronite and Daily Plainsman (Huron, South Dakota) 05/30/2008
Ogden Standard Examiner (Ogden, Utah) 05/30/2008
Bennington Evening Banner (Bennington, Vermont) - Updated 05/30/2008
Danville Register (Danville, Virginia) 05/30/2008
Progress-Index (Petersburg, Virginia) 05/30/2008
Chehalis Bee-Nugget (Chehalis, Washington) 05/30/2008
Daily Chronicle (Centralia, Washington) 05/30/2008
Post-Herald And Register (Beckley, West Virginia) 05/30/2008
Raleigh Register (Beckley, West Virginia) 05/30/2008
New Castle News (New Castle, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Abilene Reporter News (Abilene, Texas) 05/30/2008
Blizzard (Oil City, Pennsylvania) 05/30/2008
Kingsport Times News (Kingsport, Tennessee) 05/30/2008

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