Friday, June 13, 2008

Ancestry Employees Get First Look (Take 3)

With Ancestry's announcement yesterday, I can now fill in most of the blanks in my original post of 21-April-2008.

On 21-April-2008 Tim Sullivan introduced Generations Network employees to the World Archives Project, Ancestry's name for its volunteer indexing initiative....

Understanding that things could change before its release, here's what it currently looks like:

[---STAY TUNED---]

For comparison, here's the FamilySearch Indexing program:

FamilySearch Indexing program

The slogan for Ancestry's World Archives Project is, "Help us keep the world's stories alive" [or alternately, "Don't let the world's stories disappear"]. ... To illustrate the concept visually, the company has some pictures with the people removed. Here's an example from a brief introductory video:

Ancestry's World Archive Project movie frames

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