Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Keeping Track of Changes in Your New FamilySearch Tree

FamilySearch Labs employee Dan Lawyer shared a concept on his blog being considered for New FamilySearch.

Imagine you'd like to know who in your tree has been updated recently, or who has multiple parents, or who has sources, etc., etc. You could define a scope of interest for example assume I'm working on my Brewster line. I go over to Sarah Augusta Brewster and tell the system I want to define a scope of interest starting at Sarah and going back 5 generations and down 2 generations at each generation. The system would then report to me about activity in this portion of the tree.

An experimental RSS feed looked like this:

Concept of how an NFS notification RSS feed might look

But don't get your hopes up. Lawyer explained this is just a concept being considered.

You can imagine how useful this would be to keep tabs on people in the tree and see who is updating them. Before you get too excited about this, remember, this was just a quick demo we hacked together to show the concept. It is not ready for prime time.

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  1. Pssst. I just received an email from - the new familysearch will be available in the Portland Oregon district "in about four months."

    I am thrilled to death, although I've been trying for weeks to register - other staff members of my FHC have tried and succeeded - and keep coming up empty. I'm chomping at the bit, to say the least.


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