Monday, March 9, 2015

Ancestry Insider on FamilySearch Blog

FamilySearch blog quotes the Ancestry InsiderAn Internet marketing firm recently interviewed me for an article to be posted on the FamilySearch blog. I would be quoted along with a link to my blog. The firm does this with the idea that I would probably write an article about it and post a link back to the FamilySearch blog. I guess this is that article.

I feel honored that the firm would choose me. You, my readers, are important enough to drive to the FamilySearch blog. However, because of my editorial focus, I publish a half dozen links to or every week. Will this story make a difference?

The article is titled “5  Strategies to Inspire Relatives to Share Family Stories.” Five people give insights on how to elicit family stories from relatives. The four bloggers are DearMyrtleAmy Johnson Crow, Randy Seaver, and myself.

An interesting side note: This article says “Sign up for a free family tree maker account at FamilySearch.” The link doesn’t go to’s Family Tree Maker website and you most definitely don’t get Family Tree Maker for free. This isn’t the first time I’ve seen marketing copy written by someone unfamiliar with our industry. I’m guessing within an hour of reading my article, FamilySearch will have reworded this.

Now are you curious enough to visit the article? Be right back

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