Saturday, March 14, 2015

AncestryDNA $89 Sale Through 17 March 2015

Melanie Nelson models for AncestryDNA's St. Patrick's Day promo

Several times a year AncestryDNA runs an $89 sale. That is happening right now, through 17 March 2015. In the past, at least once a year, they run a $79 sale. Whether that will continue to occur, I cannot say.


  1. I'm guessing one day DNA will control the world.

  2. I recommend avoiding all Ancestry DNA products after their decision to delete Y-DNA tests from their databases. Many people took that DNA test in order to make future matches, and paid for that value. If Ancestry made that decision once, they've proven they are willing to delete your data and stop services without refunding your payment. Many people lost DNA from people who are now deceased and no longer have a chance to store it.

    Ancestry will probably not post this comment, but I hope they will since this is a fact and a prudent warning.

    1. Alchemista, does not run this website.

      ---The Ancestry Insider

  3. Be sure to download your results and save them elsewhere.

  4. That's nice if you live in the USA, I guess us Aussies will have to wait until they want DNA from eslewhere...


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