Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tim Sullivan Looks Back at 2015

When I wrote “ and FamilySearch Look Back, then Forward” I hadn’t noticed an article titled “Celebrating 2015 and Welcoming 2016” by Tim Sullivan on the Ancestry blog. Here’s some additional insights:

In 2015 Ancestry enjoyed double-digit revenue growth and a net increase in the number of subscribers by 150,000.

Sample cover from the Cincinnati Enquirer - Sinking of the signed a partnership deal in August 2015 wtih Gannett to digitize, index, and publish over 100 million newspaper pages from 80 U.S. newspapers. Publication is using technology from The Cincinnati Enquirer is the first archive to be published.

In 2015 Ancestry rolled out:

Worldwide, Ancestry increased the size of their workforce by 200.

On the Black Friday to Cyber Monday shopping weekend, their DNA sales were up 205%. On one of those days, they sold 60,000 test kits.


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