Friday, February 19, 2016

Darned Hat Collection

Judy Russell, the Legal Genealogist, showed me something recently that led me to discover the NARA hat collection.

From NARA's hat collection  From NARA's hat collectionFrom NARA's hat collection From NARA's hat collection  From NARA's hat collection From NARA's hat collection From NARA's hat collection  From NARA's hat collection

Can anybody out there identify each hat type? Why, do you suppose, does NARA have a hat collection? How would you cite it?

Post your answers. I’ll give mine in a future article. (If you attended Judy’s SLIG course, please keep your answers private.)


  1. The sailor is wearing a "flat hat" it was part of the Navy uniform until the mid 1960s. I had one in my "sea bag".

  2. Where can I see this hat collection? I have a group of tin type photos I'm trying to id and three are several with hats.

  3. I would like to know where to find this, too. Can you tell us, please? Oh, and to answer: hats are, if I can wax a bit philosophical, revealing as to history. There are plenty of hats that have been used in wars. There are hats that were part of long-running periods of history (the bowler hat with early bankers, for instance). Hats are also culturally important, used in traditions and other things. While it may seem like a somewhat frivolous thing to keep a collection of, hats can really tell us something about the person wearing it or the time period that person was from.

  4. I'll reveal the location next Friday.



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